Psychiatric Clinical Director Condemns The Dangers of Mental Health Screening

“Screening for mental illness serves no medical or societal purpose”

Prominent Psychiatrist and Psychiatric Clinical Director (Retired) Nathaniel S. Lehrman, M.D. minces no words when he makes the case in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons that “the involuntary government-sponsored mental health screening program represents psychiatric malpractice.”

Dr. Lehrman urges us to heed history with the warning “By allowing experts to define peaceful, law abiding citizens as ill and in need of treatment (which increasingly is becoming involuntary) the program comes to resemble the witch hunts of 16 -century Europe.”

I could not agree more with the Director’s closing recommendation “We need to start to undo psychiatry’s 50 years of overdependence on psychopharmacology, rather than expanding it through mental health screening.”

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Miami Psychologists Seek Professional H.E.L.P.

School Counselors in Miami agree Mental Health Screening with its devious made up labels and drug pushing agenda does not get results

Rather, they now seek professional H.E.L.P. an organization that is not only effective but is in the business of saving lives that would otherwise be wasted by a social system so cruel as to stupefy with mind numbing drugs rather than provide true help.

H.E.L.P. Miami is a safe haven for students who have been falling behind.  For those students labeled as “off track”, a slow learner or learning disabled with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). they:
* Cancel their labels
* Get them off drugs with medical assistance.
* Encourage them to study things they are interested in.
* Clear up their prior confusions.
* Bring them up to their grade level and beyond.
* Our normal results might be considered miraculous by some. (See testimony from parents below.)

Just recently a psychologist came in to see Barbie Rivera the Director of The Hollywood Education & Literacy Project (H.E.L.P.), a Private School and Tutoring Center in Miami, Florida and on arriving informed Barbie that he also told another psychologist to meet him there.

One of the men said that he just had to come shake Barbie’s hand as he ran into the mother of a boy he used to counsel. The boy had been arrested and expelled from school when he was 11 years old. The man lost touch with this family two years ago and this week by chance he ran into the boy’s mother. The woman told him “my son is doing much better as we found a miracle.” She went on about how H.E.L.P. Miami worked with her son and even asked her to see a medical doctor to get him off the cocktail of psychiatric medications he was on. The woman said that her son has been at H.E.L.P. for nearly two years and is FINALLY making progress.

During this meeting at H.E.L.P. they agreed that medications are NOT the answer and that kids are being grossly mis-handled and mis-labeled for ADHD. After a brief discussion about the school and how Barbie got started, one of the men asked for a job.

Now the counselors want to send more kids to Barbie at H.E.L.P. and set an appointment for her the next day with a boy having a hard time in 10th grade. Barbie gave both men copies of “Marketing the Madness” and they said that they may come back for more DVDs.

They are going to invite all the school counselors/psychologists of the local public schools to Barbie’s next school fund-raiser for H.E.L.P.

My hat is off to you Barbie – keep up the great work!

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Psychiatrist Speaks out Against Mental Health Screening

In today’s Huffington Post article The Hazards of Psychiatric Diagnosis, Dr. Peter Breggin warns of the dangers of mental health screening and how damaging Psychiatric diagnoses are. Dr. Breggin goes on to comment how there is no science behind Psychiatric diagnoses and how they are in fact falsely colored as medical in nature to give them credibility and routinely lead to the administration of toxic mind altering drugs.

“In reality, psychiatric diagnosing is a kind of spiritual profiling that can destroy lives and frequently does.

“Psychiatric diagnoses are not genuinely medical; they are not based on biological defects or disorders. There are no objective tests. They are not about the body; they are about the mind and spirit. The medical aura that surrounds psychiatric diagnoses give them a false validity. Psychiatric diagnoses are not rooted in science but in opinion.

“Psychiatric diagnoses take power and authority over your life, and the lives of your children, out of your hands. They place that power and authority in the hands of health professionals. Often it takes but a few minutes in an office to transform you or your child from a complex human being into a product on the psychiatric assembly line–and endless assembly line that can lead to a ruinous lifetime.

‘Perhaps worst of all, these diagnoses almost inevitably lead to the prescription of psychiatric medication to you or your child. Psychiatric drugs are toxins to the brain; they work by disabling the brain. None of them cure biochemical imbalances and all of them, every single one of them, cause severe biochemical imbalances in the brain. The adverse effects of these drugs on the brain and mind are stunning. In my recent scientific books and articles, including Medication Madness, I have demonstrated they cause medication spellbinding. Spellbound by psychoactive drugs we cannot adequately judge the impairments they create in our brain and too often we mistakenly feel “improved” when in fact our feelings have been dulled or artificially jacked up, and our judgment about ourselves and our lives have been impaired.

‘But something more subtle occurs when we accept a psychiatric diagnosis for ourselves or a loved one. We lose empathy for ourselves and our loved one. Instead of learning about and identifying with the sources of our emotional pain and suffering, and our failures in life, we ignore our real lives and explain ourselves away with the diagnosis. To understand ourselves or anyone else, to help ourselves or anyone else, we must care about the details of the life before us.

I applaud Dr. Breggin for his voice of reason.

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Study: ADHD linked to pesticide exposure

Mental health screening should begin at the grocery store.

According to a recent studyChildren exposed to higher levels of a type of pesticide found in trace amounts on commercially grown fruit and vegetables are more likely to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder than children with less exposure, a nationwide study suggests.”

Experts within the Green Mental Health movement take this further and find toxins such as pesticides and those associated with food allergies to be the true cause of most symptoms falsely classified as mental health problems.

Organic foods and fruits and vegetables from local farmer’s markets are recommended alternatives to commercial produce known to contain higher levels of  pesticides, known as organophosphates, which have been linked to behavioral and cognitive problems in children.

The more we tackle the true underlying reasons for behavioral problems the better off we all will be.

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Mental Health Screening -an Oxymoron?

Mental Health Screening as a term in itself defies reason.

After all, the idea of mental health screening infers psychiatrists and psychologists can  actually identify normal mental health from abnormal mental health.

Moreover, it would lead one to presume psychiatry is a science that was developed using the Scientific Method just like medicine with empirical and measurable evidence.

No, for psychiatry – there is empirical and measurable evidence that it is not founded on any scientific method whatsoever.  In fact, it is often tagged “junk science” by health experts.

Because of this miscarriage of science, mental health screening is actually ruinous to the lives it pretends to help.

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Mental Health Screening Has No Science Behind It

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! The Great Oz has spoken!”

In a fact is greater than fiction way this is the insidious Big Pharma and Psychiatric doomsday machine in action.  While its pandemic mental health screening agenda appears to proliferate like mites on the back of a rat throughout society, the truth is that it cannot stand the light of day when held to close inspection.  There are no scientific credentials behind Psychiatric bible – the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a handbook for mental health professionals that lists categories of mental disorders and the criteria for diagnosing them).

“It is inherently difficult to classify personality disorders within a categorical system of diagnosis because there are no natural boundaries which clearly separate them from normality and from one another. This is one factor accounting for the relatively low reliability achieved by the DSM III personality disorder section.” Excerpt from Abstract: Comprehensive Psychiatry Volume 23, Issue 6, November-December 1982, Pages 516-527

The book The Selling of DSM: the rhetoric of science in psychiatry goes into great detail on the smoke and mirror tactics involved.

Reclassifying “normal” human behavior as mental illness is a chilling accomplishment for the proponents of mental health screening.

We are definitely not in Kansas anymore and the wicked witch is not dead, Dorothy.

If you care about your power of choice over the mental health of yourself, your children and friends, I urge you to get educated on the subject and get involved.

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Mental Health Screening Flawed in Gabriel Myers’ Case – FDA Gives Florida Psychiatrist Disciplinary Warning

A severe disciplinary warning shot has been sent over the bow of Psychiatry and its fraudulent Mental Health Screening practices of drugging children, by the U.S. FDA, according to today’s Miami Herald Story by Carol Marbin Miller. Gabriel Myers was a vibrant 7-Year Old who hung himself under the “care” of this wolf in sheep’s clothing!

“FDA warns psychiatrist who treated dead foster child

The psychiatrist who treated the Broward foster child who killed himself last year is now in hot water with the FDA.

A South Florida psychiatrist who was treating a 7-year-old foster child before the boy committed suicide last year has received a warning from federal drug regulators who say he failed “to protect the rights, safety and welfare” of children enrolled in clinical drug trials.

In a strongly worded letter dated Feb. 4, regulators at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Dr. Sohail Punjwani over-medicated children who were enrolled in clinical trials for undisclosed drugs. One girl, the letter said, slashed her wrists while hallucinating.

Another, a 13-year-old, “experienced sedation and dizziness during the study,” the letter said.

The warning letter, a harsh and rare form of discipline by the agency, says Punjwani failed to “adhere to the applicable statutory requirements and FDA regulations governing the conduct of clinical investigations.”

“Your failure to conduct the requisite safety measures contributed to the unnecessary exposure of pediatric subjects to significant overdoses, which jeopardized the subjects’ rights, safety and welfare,” the letter says.

Punjwani did not return calls from The Miami Herald seeking comment.

… the FDA does not send out such warning letters often, and the agency considers breaches of its regulations to be “very serious.” The letter was signed by Leslie K. Ball, a doctor who heads the compliance office of the Division of Scientific Investigations, and Constance Cullity, a doctor who is also a compliance officer. …

Department of Children & Families Secretary George Sheldon, who appointed a task force last year to study Gabriel’s death, said Monday he is asking the FDA to compare a list of Florida foster children with lists of children enrolled in Punjwani’s clinical trials. Sheldon said he was acting on concerns that children in state care may have been involved in clinical trials, which is against state law.

The FDA letter, Sheldon said, “raises clear ethical issues and judgment issues that we need to clearly understand.” If foster kids were enrolled in clinical trials, he said, “we will need to take it to another level.”

I could not agree more adamantly.  In fact, the entire concept of Mental Health Screening needs more scrutiny.  Mental Health Screening has no scientific basis and is designed to diagnose and treat fabricated diseases with drugs that destroy life.  How many more horrific cases like Gabriel Myers will it take before these merchants of chaos are stopped?

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National Plan for Universal Mental Health Screening:A Pharma Friendly Remedy for Societal Problems

In reading this presentation by Vera Sharav of the American Public Health Association covering Mental Health Screening, I am reminded of a couple of lines from a recent Bourne movie:

“The Scary Version, He Is.” – In answer to the question “Who is giving him his orders now?”

Or, “Geez, you couldn’t make this stuff up.” – a comment from the CIA Station Chief in response to a status briefing.

Well it appears that in the case of Mental Health Screening, the scary version is they are making it up as they go in what appears to be collusion with big pharma.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! My goodness.  The real lunacy here is, regardless of the billions of dollars Psychiatry has and continues to spend to brand the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as the new holy scripture, on not even close inspection, it seems that it has absolutely no basis in fact.

No, you can’t make this stuff up – and it is the scary version.

We need Mental Health reform not Mental Health Screening that is based on made-up diseases by a group that by its own admission does not cure anything.

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Mental Health Screening Skewed For Poor Children

According to a New York Times story by Duff Wilson, entitled Poor Children Likelier to Get Antipsychotics, Mental Health Screening practices default to prescribing psychiatric drugs four times more often for children covered by Medicaid.  Wilson writes: “New federally financed drug research reveals a stark disparity: children covered by Medicaid are given powerful antipsychotic medicines at a rate four times higher than children whose parents have private insurance. And the Medicaid children are more likely to receive the drugs for less severe conditions than their middle-class counterparts, the data shows.”

This is just another example of just how arbitrary and dangerous Mental Health Screening practices are.  To me it is unconscionable to allow an industry to drug disadvantaged children like animals as a social solution to normal adolescent behavior.

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Napa State Hospital chief is accused of molesting his adopted son

I am wondering who is screening those overseeing Mental Health Screening?  In today’s LA Times Story “Claude E. Foulk, 62, is charged with 35 felony counts. Authorities say they have evidence he abused at least five children, but the statute of limitations in the other cases has expired. The arrest shocked some officials at Napa State Hospital, where Foulk has been director since 2007.”  We do not need more Mental Health Screening – we need more screening of those in charge of Mental Health Screening.  According to the story, this Psychiatrist has been allegedly conducting his own perverse kind of Mental Health Screening for over three decades: “Detectives said the alleged victims came in contact with Foulk as far back as 1975, when he lived in Long Beach and other locations around the region.”

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